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11 healthy foods for new mothers

20/12/2016 | 14:00 - Pregnancy support

Experts suggest that the following foods will curb hunger, burn fat, and provide enough energy for new mothers.

1/      Salmon:


Salmon is very nutritious and useful for health. Salmon contains beneficial fats like DHA - fats help to support the development of the nervous system as well as the baby's brain. Therefore, when the new mother's diet is supplemented salmon on the menu that helps to increase levels of DHA in breast milk, help baby's brain develop in healthy ways.

2/      Low – fat dairy product:

Low – fat dairy product

Milk and dairy foods are not only high in protein but also contain large amounts of vitamin B, D and calcium.

If breast milk is added calcium, the bones and teeth of the baby will be stronger. Every day you should eat 3 low-fat dairy products.

3/      Lean beef:

Lean beef

Eating lean beef helps to strengthen the levels of iron in your body. In contrast, when the body is low in iron, you are at risk for anemia, the health decline; your body doesn’t supply enough nutrients for baby.  

4/      Beans:


In all kinds of beans, black beans are good foods for new mums during breastfeeding, especially for those who are applying a vegetarian diet. Because beans are not only rich in iron, they also contain large amount of protein and these proteins are better than animal protein.

5/      Blueberry:


Experts advise that new mums should eat at least 2 blueberries every day. This fruit contains high levels of antioxidants; it is very good for health and helps you eliminate the risk of cancer.

Besides, blueberry also contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals to help your skin bright and enhances the vitality of the body.

6/      Brown rice:

Brown rice

Instead of eating white rice as usual, after giving birth you should replace or supply brown rice in your diet. Brown rice helps you recover strength quickly. Moreover it also contains a variety of essential nutrient that help your breast milk is full of the essential nutrients for the baby.

7/      Green papaya:

Green papaya

Papaya contains more protein, fat, vitamins A, B, C, D, E...

Green papaya soup with pork bone not only increases your milk supply but also helps detoxify the body.

8/      Orange:


Women after childbirth need be added a lot of vitamin C for the body.

Orange is not only attractive by taste and inherent aroma but it also has many benefits to the health. Citrus fruits such as grapefruits, lemons, limes, citrons and tangerines, especially oranges are highly rich in vitamin C. Therefore, new mums do not forget to eat some oranges or drink orange juice every day.

9/      Egg:


The egg yolks contain a lot of vitamin D - an essential nutrient for the growth of baby’s bones. Moreover, egg is an important source of protein.

Postpartum women should eat 1 -2 egg in each breakfast. It should be noted that you should not eat raw or undercooked eggs, because your body will be very susceptible to attack by the bacteria in the eggs.

10/    Dark green leafy vegetables:

Dark green leafy vegetables

When you eat vegetables, you should choose the dark green leafy vegetables such as: spinach, broccoli or cauliflower.

Because they contain high level of vitamin A, this vitamin is important for your baby’s developing and it is very good for baby’s eyes. In addition, it also has vitamin, iron and antioxidants, other vegetables have little or none.

11/    Water:


While breastfeeding, you need to replenish water for your body, because of lack of water, your body will have to face the state of dehydration, it is very dangerous. This also causes negative effects on mother’s milk.

According to experts, you need to drink water per day from 8-10 cups, which may be water, juice, and milk.

However, you should stay away from energy drinks that contain caffeine, because they are the culprits causing dehydration in the body.

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